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12 Pelletier Ave

Frenchville, Maine 04745

United States

1" - 40"

Package Receiving



A box with a length of 25", a width of 12" and a height of 11" would be a total of 48", therefore would cost $3.

Combined dimensions (lenght + width + height)


Shipping your US purchases

to Canada costs too much?

Ship them here!

By sending your purchases here, you ensure they are handled with care in a safe, heated storage space while saving on shipping prices.

Below are our rates. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

- The prices above are per package and include only the handling and storage of the items. Actual shipping prices are not included.


- The rate per package includes storage for up to 30 days. The same amount will be added for each additional 30 days.


- The price per pallet includes storage for up to 14 days. A $15 storage fee will be added for each additional 30 days.


- Make sure to print your receipt(s) before coming to pick up your item(s). Canadian Customs require a detailed receipt for every item brought into Canada.


- Certain fees and taxes might be charged to you while crossing back to Canada. Make sure you are aware of these before ordering your item(s).


- Packages will be stored for up to 90 days. We reserve the right to dispose of any package that remains unclaimed after this period of time, at our discretion.


- All rates are subject to change at any time without notice.

70" - 90"
110" - 120"
120" - 130"
90" - 110"
40" - 70"
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